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Family Medicine services offered in Orange county, Fountain Valley, CA

Family medicine is a great way to ensure everyone in your household receives the same level of care. Wasim H. Raja, MD, is passionate about the role that family medicine plays in both personal and public health and has shaped his Fountain Valley, California, practice around this method of care. Learn more about what family medicine can do for you during an initial visit with Dr. Raja, which you can book online or by phone today. The practice is proud to also serve patients throughout Newport Beach, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, and Irvine, California.

Family Medicine Q & A

What is family medicine?

Family medicine is an approach to medical practice that places the family unit at the center of focus. It’s an option that allows you to meet all of your family’s health needs through the same practitioner or practice. 

While many general practitioners focus solely on providing care to adults, family medicine specialists are trained and experienced in treating both adults and children. This allows them to deliver outstanding care to all members of the family.

As a family medicine practitioner, Dr. Raja has the education, training, and experience needed to provide care to children and adults from young adulthood through middle age and into the elderly years. 

What are the benefits of a family medicine approach?

Many people prefer to take care of their health and wellness needs of their entire family using the same doctor. This not only makes scheduling and recordkeeping simple, but it is also incredibly convenient. 

Family medicine allows parents to schedule visits for themselves and their children on the same day, reducing the need to drive all over town for appointments at different practices. More importantly, Dr. Raja gets to know everyone in your family, which helps him shape your care in a way that aligns with your entire family’s needs. 

This can make a world of difference for families with a loved one who has one or more chronic diseases. It’s also beneficial for families with children navigating developmental or behavioral health issues. Dr. Raja can create customized health plans that support all members of the family, no matter their specific strengths and challenges. 

How can I help my child enjoy going to see the doctor?

Many kids are fearful of going to the doctor. This is sometimes due to early negative interactions with healthcare professionals or based on unpleasant depictions of health care in movies, books, or medical coverage. 

If your little one does not enjoy going to the doctor, there are steps you can take to make the experience a positive one. One excellent option is to take your child with you to your next routine physical exam. 

Once kids see their parents enjoying time spent with Dr. Raja, they are far more likely to look forward to their own visits. There are also many different children’s books available that put a positive spin on visiting the doctor. Find one written for your child’s age range and read it together before your next visit. 

If you’re searching for a great family medicine practitioner to guide your family’s care, schedule a visit with Dr. Raja using the easy online booking tool. You are also welcome to call the office or stop by to set up your next visit.